TableTopGuild Holiday Meet-up!

We had a meetup to exchange gifts and see each other in person for the first time in a while! Thanks to everyone who came.

Meeting at dusk.
Everyone received their own customized mug with a picture of their D&D character, courtesy of Sam and Mikaela!
Andy’s mug with his character Telchur.
Anthony’s mug with his character 111 (aka Rook).
Patrick’s mug with his character Milo Blossombrace.
Grant’s mug with his character Alethra Artemel.
Brett’s mug of his DM appearance.
Mikaela’s mug with her character Enna.
Matt’s mug with his character Drip.
Sam’s mug of her character, Faust.
It got dark fast.
The gang. With Andy photoshopping himself in ?.

Later in the night we got a sword demonstration:

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