Website Updates

Spent some time yesterday and today working on the website a bit. Have a few updates for you all.

New Downloads Page

We have a brand new Downloads page full of resources for our games. This includes character sheets, source books, links to Wiki pages and more! Make sure to register a username if you haven’t already to gain access, as only members can view the files. If you are already registered, login to have full access.

User Registration

I have moved away from password-protecting pages/game notes and towards being logged in to gain access to the aforementioned things. If you are already have a login, you are already set. If you don’t, get to it! I am now manually verifying users and will grant you access to everything on the website as soon as I notice the new registration.

We had almost 1000 bots signed up for the website before I knew it, so I had to add a CAPTCHA to a few places. Crazy.

Expanded User Capabilities

Everyone who signs up now will also have the ability to create posts and articles on the website after being verified. Feel free to check out my guide to posting if you are interested. Go at it!

Game Notes

All game notes are still viewable, but only registered & verified users can now edit them.


I know, CAPTCHAs are super annoying…

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lol, captcha ?

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