Halloween Update: New Campaigns & New High-Tech Table

General Updates

It’s been a busy few months! Since our last update, the TableTop Guild has started not one but TWO new campaigns. Grant is taking the reins in running a bunch of us through the Storm King’s Thunder, while Brett has started a brand new original storyline in Running Alive, a d20 Modern zombie apocalypse adventure. In addition, we have a brand-new high-tech table with a 70” screen embedded into it. Finally, we have continued to craft more terrain and character models in our spare time to contribute to our growing collection of miniatures.

Storm King’s Thunder

We are six sessions into taking on the king of giants in Grant’s new campaign, taking place in the Forgotten Realms 1885DR, five years prior to our Tomb of Annihilation campaign and five years after the end of our Saltmarsh campaign. So far everyone’s characters are all a blast, and we already have one destroyed town behind us. For more details, feel free to see the new Storm King’s Thunder notes.

The Triboar Explorer Corp awakens in the middle of the night to find the town on fire. And it’s not our fault this time!
Giants and Fire Elementals are attacking. The battle to save the town Triboar begins!
The new light strips really help make the town look like it’s on fire. Check it out! Good buy, Sam.
In the next town, we track down a sinister mind-controlling wizard into his sewer lair. We decimate the Kuo-Toa population in the process. Notice the use of our new in-table monitor to bring out a crisp, digital map of the sewers.
It turns out our evil wizard in the sewers is actually a psychic tentacle fish in disguise! A boss fight develops and we barely avoid drowning as the sewer fills with “water”.
In another town, we get magically summoned into the woods at night and hunted down like animals.
…by Undead Horsemen! (kinda)
More Undead Riders coming from across the bridge. Eventually, we destroy and magically shrink the bridge, prevailing over the evil undead.

Running Alive

In a completely original campaign, Brett is running a Modern D20 campaign that takes place in contemporary times, but with a twist: there is a zombie apocalypse. We play ourselves as the world collapses around us. Like any good zombie apocalypse, danger can be found everywhere, particularly from other humans. You can check out the Running Alive Game Notes to catch up on the plot.

View the cinematic intro created by Andy:

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/744404883?h=27fcda2b3a" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
While searching the Lincoln Airport for supplies, when we hear something in the distance.
Zombies are spotted! Time to run for our vehicles.
Some members of the crew get surrounded before being able to get into their cars, so we have to duke it out. Don’t get bit!
Our home base is attacked by local raiders in the middle of the night!
The assaulting forces push hard and we are forced to defend.
They snipe at us from behind our own cars.
It devolves into a melee battle royal in our living room. We finally prevail, but not without price.

New TableTop Guild Table

Everyone in the TableTop Guild has contributed in some way to ensure we have an awesome new playing table for our games. Special shout outs to Brett for sourcing the TV, Jack for funding the custom protective covering, and Andy for doing everything from writing up the plans in CAD to ordering custom metal bracing for the TV and installing it all. Great work guys! Sam also contributed a series of programmable LED lights along the edges which has really contributed to the mood lighting during our miniature battles.

We embedded a new 70″ into our playing table.
Custom metal framing and a carbon covering finish off the look.

Newly Created Terrain and Character Models

Some members of the TableTop Guild have been steadily creating new models for our games. Check out a few below.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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