The Campaign Continues

Just wanted to share a few of the photos from combat in our recent sessions, that all of us have contributed! I tried to cobble together a coherent sequence of pictures from the Discord channel.

Hank and company get ambushed as they leave the Temple of Doom.
The rest of the group sees Hank and Company through the tunnels and rush to help him, leaving the canoes in the river in their haste.
Our guide Qawasha takes on a group of goblins, solo. Well worth the 1gp a day we pay him!
The rest of the group rushes through the temple entrance to engage the goblins. Eventually we prevail and move through the jungle in search of Golem.
Later on, we ambush a goblin camp by sabotaging their mechanism that helps them fly through the sky. In retaliation, the Ant Corps attack our rear line as the dwarves hold the flank on the left (seen here).
The Ant Corps charge our rear line.
The messy front lines maintain…for now.
Tavsirak volleys spells at the front lines from the safety of a local tree.
Theodora charges the front lines after killing one of the Ant Corps and taking their ant steeds.
Eventually we succeed in capturing their main base. Another great Terrain piece by Grant.
Grant’s impressive terrain collection.
We also have a new Gaming Dog to add into the mix. We’ll have to get him his own set of dice soon.
On the way to the Oracle of Oralunga, we get ambushed at night by an undead Trex that vomits out other undead. The world’s mysteries never cease.
Theodora uses Vorn as a springboard and hammers the Trex from its own back. With a large number of the undead run off by our Cleric and a severe beating taken on Vorn’s part, we manage to prevail.
We arrive at Camp Vengence only to have it ambushed that night by Pterrofolk. Pictured here is Andy’s new Gaming Garage along with some of his newly created terrain.
We get up close and personal with the Pterrofolk stupid enough to land.
Hank shoots Pterrofolk from the sky.
Eventually we defeat the Pterrofolk and follow the Oracle’s advise: seek the Arracocra, for they know the secret location of the Lost City of Omu.
Along the way we encounter a Frost Giant and its two Frost wolves and they absolutely wreck us. We eventually get into formation, with Vorn almost being destroyed if not for Ulfgar’s ability to help defend him. Many people almost faced death that day. Cheers to Sam for making the new Vorn model, which looks awesome!
Hank sets a fire on the ground with a spell to keep the wolves at bay with limited effect.
The journey continues. With sleepless nights, our group is exhausted. One night, we get ambushed by a group of velociraptors. We get seriously fucked up.
Too close for comfort! Hank tries to stab a dino with mixed results.

Near death, we eventually prevail (or the GM takes pity on us) and we drive the dinos off. We’ve finally reached the mythical homeland of the Birdfolk. Until next time!

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