Easy Way To Level Up in Roll20 for 5E Characters

No sane person wants to manually enter all the new information from a level up if it can be avoided. Thankfully, Roll20 has an automatic level up process for 5E characters. Before you continue, you should backup your character in the Character Vault.

1. It’s easy to start the process from your character sheet. First, click the settings button pictured:

(Click the little gear.)

2. In the next screen, click on the “Launch Level+ CharacterMancer” button. Don’t click the top CharacterMancer button (“Launch Level 1”) or you’ll erase your character:

(Don’t click the Launch Level 1 CharacterMancer!)

3. Work your way through the next few dialogs and that’s it! Easy peasy. Just as a reminder, since we are playing by Adventure League rules you want to choose the “Average” HP when the increase in HP dialog box appears. Happy leveling!

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