The MPMB Character Sheet for 5E is Awesome!

MPMB’s Character Sheet (Printer Friendly Version) is the most comprehensive character sheet I’ve ever seen for 5E (sorry Andy). To be honest, it’s a full-on program with the skin of a PDF file. It pulls upon all of the source books to fill in information as you need it on your character sheet, such as Class Features, Spells, Feats, etc. without having to look them up manually.

You can only really utilize its functions in Acrobat Reader (which sadly makes you install McAfee Antivirus software you will have to uninstall after you install the main program). Then, if you Right-Click->Save this file then follow these instructions starting at “Step 2” under “How to import a script”, you can get a character sheet that pretty much fills itself out. Great for characters with a ton of spells with descriptions you don’t want to copy-paste. I did it for my cleric Milo earlier and it completely filled out my spellbook without needing to type a thing. Wohoo!

If you’re interested in more information, you can jet over to their official website.

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