More Pictures From Our Games

More photos from our recent sessions!

Great terrain continues to make its appearance.
We try to make a quick escape from the Assassins Guild of Baldur’s Gate.
They close in fast, but not before Garculi gets off a Fog Cloud to hinder their attacks.
Tavsirak tries to Fly above the battle strategically. This ends up being a very poor decision as he is rapidly shot down.
The boats have names.
Sam brings some quality wine for Grant. The joke here is that Grant plays a cowboy that is in a contract with an “angel”.
We get make our jailbreak from the Yaun-Ti torture temple.
The enemy closes in quick.
More Yuan-Ti guards discover our egress.
We carry the bodies of Ulfgar and Vulcan (and later Hank) near the end of the jailbreak.
The jailbreak continues under the cloud cover of Call Lightning. Garculi was a rockstar during this jailbreak.
Later that night we get ambushed by a giant demon, trying to take Hank’s soul.
The demon was beefy as heck.
In Omuu, on the way to the shrine of Kubazan we get ambushed by a patrol of Yuan-Ti.
Hank, Garculi, and a prone Tavsirak hold the bridge while our melee fighters go out into the field.
Theodora quietly wrestles a Yaun-Ti to death in the corner.
A surprise ally, Orvex (played by Stephanie) opens fire from the rooftop.
After insert the Cube of Power, a Froghemoth is summoned and quickly engaged in battle.
Great paint job, Anthony!
We work together to down the Froghemoth along with the twin summoned water elementals.
Memories of our gaming house’s distant past. Part of me misses the bathroom ceiling.

Our First In-Person D&D Game in 18 months!

We had our first D&D 5E game in a year and a half and I remembered to take a few pictures this time! We were well fed with wine, pizza, and birthday cake. We got to use terrain that has been sitting on the shelf for a while. And we got to kill an evil witch! Special thanks to Anthony for letting us use his Hobby Badger shop as a venue and for supplying pizza and drinks, as well as for Brett and Grant for bringing a chocolate cake so rich that I physically felt myself acquiring diabetes. It was great that everyone was able to show up and play again after so long. I personally had a blast and hope you all did as well!

Playing D&D at Hobby Badger
Matt photobombs my attempt to capture the battle in the swamp with the Evil Witch.
Sam dual wields some knives and gets ready to cut the cake.
Grant’s character failed to avoid the ambush.
Our stats for our characters from like, 2 years ago? Most people are still playing the same character! Pretty cool to think about.
The terrain looked amazing as usual.
The fight as the top of the tower got pretty crowded at one point. This rapidly changed the subsequent round when the crying baby exploded.

Seeing Red: Enraging the Minotaur

Everyone knows the best way to send a bull into a killing frenzy is to wave a red cape in its face. Those that can survive after performing such an act become Matadors, and even those guys may eventually get a horn up their rectum (2d6+9 piercing damage).

He looks pretty mad to me

So it’s generally considered a bad idea to wave red objects in front of a bull’s face. Now, take the Minotaur, which has the head (and therefore, logically, the brain) of a bull, and the body of a man (except for the feet, which are bull hooves sometimes). It stands to reason that red would also spark the ire of the Minotaur.

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About “greese”

Consider this my nerd resume:


I have had the good fortune to be introduced to AD&D at a young age, whereupon I was immediately hooked.  But it wasn’t until 2000, when D&D 3.0 came out, that I developed a solid grasp of the rules (to this day, I cannot calculate thac0).  Since then, I’ve been a DM and a player in multiple campaigns using RPG systems such as D&D (all editions since 3rd), Pathfinder, D20 Modern, and D20 Star Wars: Saga Edition.  So far, the later is my favorite.

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