Halloween Game: Strahd is Dead (Again)!

Yesterday we had the final session for our Curse of Strahd campaign! We all decided to dress up as our characters.

Even Vader got into the mix. He’s a good boy.
Try to guess who is playing what character!
Andy as Telchur the Ranger.
Brett as Gary Gygax(?)…or Mordenkaiden…or something. Anyway, he had a beard and a sword.
Mikaela as a vampire.
Matt going all in as Archdruid Drip.
Patrick as the halfling High Cleric Milo Blossombrace.

Grant as the wizard Alethra.

Anthony as Rook-113, the Warforged Fighter.
Sam as the Warlock Faust.
Andy compares himself to his character. Pretty damn close!
Grant kept cracking me all night with his getup.

Finally we got to the game itself! We continued down the dark castle of the vampire lord Strahd, culminating in a huge battle against his vampire hordes!

Rook leads the charge as we are assault Strahd’s army of vampires.
Room after room of undead awaited us.
Milo’s Coatl and Deva watch from above as the skirmish continues.
Eventually Strahd himself showed up (far left), taking to the skies and taunting us.

Eventually, due to a slight mishap in dimensional travel ,Alethra is forced to use her 9th level spell Wish mid-battle to get everyone back into the fight with Strahd:

The two Solars bearing down on Strahd were too much for him and he was forced to flee into his coffin, where we staked him in the heart!

A great game to end a great campaign! For more details on the actual storyline, feel free to head on over to the game notes. Also, thank you everyone for bringing the food! I would like to personally give a shout out to Mikaela and Matt in particular, the former for bringing just a ton of food and drinks and the latter for bringing the unique bear stew out of a bear he hunted himself.

We ate this bear.

With the end of this campaign we are also seeing some players leaving. Know that you will always have a spot on the D&D table at any time, and you will be dearly missed.

And one final shout out to Cartman, Andy’s dog that sadly passed away over the weekend. You’ll be missed, you little monster.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

I hope we see everybody who is coming next time for our new campaign: Session 0 of the Tomb of Annihilation! I know I’m excited. See everyone on November 12th!

If you have any images you want to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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Awesome night, with awesome people!

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