Updates: The upcoming finale to “Curse of Strahd” and the continuing space horror in “Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run”

It’s been a busy bunch of weeks in our various games on the weekends. For many of us, we are nearing (or have surpassed!) level 20 in our Forgotten Realms campaign. A few of us have been playing their characters for several years since level 1. That’s a pretty damn cool achievement! The last few sessions we have been wrapping up the final mysteries of of Barovia. We have been seeking the origins of the Old Vampire himself and destroying a coven of witches preying upon the poor citizens of Velaki. We even saved a basement of children in the process. In addition, we did a short sidequest to free 111-Rook’s brother, 13! For more details, don’t hesitate to head on over to the 5e game notes, written by our wonderful stenographer Sam. Later tonight, we finally step into the depths of Strahd’s castle itself. Personally, I am super excited. Adventure awaits!

Our cordial DM turtles up during combat.

In regards to our Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run, the space horror continues as our intrepid crew is forced into a bizzarre cube of living biomass the size of a planet floating in space. In a last ditch attempt to repair their ship enough to leave the horrific Otherspace in which they find themselves after a catastrophic hyper drive failure, they encounter the mysterious organisms that call themselves Karon. For more details, feel free to check out the star wars notes.

The Crew faces off against the mysterious Karon, which don’t seem to be affected much by blaster fire.
Explosions and flamethrowers seem to be the only thing really effective against the weird aliens. Kill it with fire!
The crew fights a room full of convicts and rebel soldiers driven insane by the environment inside the Giant Flesh Cube.

In the interim, a few of us also attended the local Rennaissance Faire. We had an archery competition in which I beat Grant, watched musketeers demonstrate their shooting skills, bought nicknacks, and of course…the food!

That’s a giant mug of mead to accompany that turkey leg.
Entrance to the Renaissance Faire.
I’ve never seen as many people get compliments on a shirt like I did that day with Grant. Everyone loves their pumpkin spice.
That is a fuckton of fries for only $7. Gabriel certainly seems happy.
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