New Campaign Start! Tomb of Annihilation

What kind of dinosaur are you hoping to acquire in Chult in Tomb of  Annihilation and what will you use it for? - )
Answer the question above in the comments section below if you have an idea!

Well, its time to start a new Forgotten Realms campaign, and by group vote we have chosen to do the Tomb of Annihilation! Prepare your tears and pray to your gods, because hard core meat grinder mode is coming your way, and we are all probably going to die. Fun times!

We started Session 0 being sent by sea to Chult and being stopped by both pirates and a giant turtle dragon demanding taxes. Session 1 continues as we romp around Port Nyanzaru as we get our bearings in the last bastion of civilization before entering the savage jungles of Chult. Most of the session ended up with us searching for survival supplies and scrounging for information about the jungle before we are openly mugged in the streets of the town by thugs. For more details, feel free to read the Game Journal.

Amazing new jungle terrain! Damn good job, Grant!
The Lions are ambushed by common street thugs. Which is about all we can handle at level 1.
Our DM judges the battlefield like the Hand of God.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to mention what dinosaur you want below!

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The brontosaurus is a good choice.

I myself am a fan of the Triceratops, due to its defensive capabilities as well as general awesomeness.


Till a couple hours ago, I was feeling like a dilophosaurus!

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