Our New Home in Saltmarsh

Holdfast Farm

In our latest adventure, Milo and Rook bought an outlying homestead which has since been named “Holdfast Farm”.

“Holdfast Farm,” our temporary home while we stay in Saltmarsh

It is currently located in the Southern Outskirts of town, near a noisy wizard named Keledek the Unspoken.

The Town of Saltmarsh

Salthmarsh. We’re staying away from the center of town, because we do weird stuff.

Milo is planning to build a tiny temple to Cyrrollalee, the halfing deity of friendship, trust and hospitality in the open quart-yard near the main entrance.

Milo’s Temple to Cyrrollallee. It is 20’x25′.

Click Here for the 3D-Model Version

The Future Awaits

What do we want to do in Saltmarsh? How will we further deck out our homestead? Write below in the comments!

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